08 May 2006


SouthEast Asia
May 2 2006
*Flight from Copenhagen to Bangkok (loong)
*Layover in Bangkok then a flight to the island of Ko Samui (1hr)
Ko Samui:
We stayed 4 nights in Ko Samui. A very beautiful beach but it has been built up so much with tourism that it has become a huge circus. Resort after resort. You would get smoothered every where you walked, everytime you turned. Taxi's honking at you asking if you needed a ride, locals trying to sell massages, locals trying to get you to come into their store. There was not a moment of peace, it was a bit too much!! Even when we were sitting on the beach locals still coming up to you and trying to sell hot corn or icecream or pineapple.... You could not get away from it. It was a wonderful honeymooners location our resort and a great experience to try out the high priced resorts as Tom & I usually dont travel like such! We go for the bargain rooms but it is our honeymoon and we decided to go big!!

Ko Pha Ngan: May 7 - 18
Now we are on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, just north of Ko Samui. Its much more remote, we are on the northeast side of the island in a small cove called Thong nai pan. We are staying in our own private beach house with an ocean view and the sound of the ocean lapping constantly. This is much more our style! We got here from the main island by taxi boat! To get anywhere you must take a taxi boat as the roads are not very developed. We have been relaxing and eating wonderful Thai food! There is great snorkelling around and plan to go out on a few trips, to nearby, undisturbed coves with coral reefs and a colorful display of marine life. We hope to rent a motorbike and explore ourselves, for there are only a handful of roads about, how can you get lost?? Also plan to do some sea kayaking, find the breathtaking waterfalls around and check out a local temple. Its a wonderful honeymoon and a wonderful country to explore.......

Now must go back to the beach...........


Anonymous said...

dinah & tom, jen and i are sitting here reading your blog. she says: you're a happily married wonderful. we are so jealous that you are sitting around on the beach sunning your buns while we are working ours off getting ready for camp. have a great honeymoon, jo & jennifer

Sue&VJ said...

Hi Dynah! We love your writing up here. We hope to see more photos! We miss you! My car broke down in Lakewood when I was at training and I was like - Who do I call?!? Dynah is gone!!! VJ was able to talk me through cutting my belt with trauma shears and that seemed to fix whatever was wrong with it. We are SO happy that you are having a WONDERFUL time on your honeymoon! We think about you often and wish the best for you! We're sending our love.. Have a great time!

sue&vj said...

Dynah! You got us all excited about reading your blog and then you stopped writing it! Are you back at home or still running around having fun?

D said...


Great pictures! Can't wait to see you in Oct. I'm very happy that you are happy and happy is good. I think of you often!