21 February 2014

1 week until our Move!!!

The reality of the move is hanging over our heads like a grey cloud on a misty day!

My vision is constantly filled with piles of clutter or rubbish. Nope it's just boxes stacked higher than me. I'm feeling imprisoned within my own house. Trapped in a never ending labyrinth of my own belongings.  My mind is functioning in a jungle of complexities, trying to find one simple corner of order! 

It's time to invest in paper cups and plates and pack the kitchen! It's time to pull out the suitcases and pack them for a 14 day journey to the new house! We will be living out of them until order is achieved over there! The everyday comfort items are slowly vanishing. The clock in the hallway is already gone and I keep looking at the blank spot on the wall only to be further left in a void.

The list-to-do is never ending! I must rally my inner self and invigorate the motivation to complete this project of packing a house! I need to find a babysitter for June on Saturday so I can pack her room! What corner of the house do I even begin? I feel like I'm sitting on the amusement park ride, Tilt-a-cup, whirling in a complex web of perplexity! So many decisions that my head will soon Detonate, shattering to pieces of information burdens!!

While my everyday is overloaded with packing concerns the other house is making headway!! Details are being smoothed over each and every day!! The tiled floors in the bathrooms are finished and the woooden floors are almost layed down.  The kitchen island is in place, the cabinets have handles. The house is becomming home-like! I'm going to visit the site today, absorb the sprightliness and place that zest deep within my Heart. I believe that this will help me finalize and accomplish the last portions of packing our row-house of 4 years! 

Our Soon to be Home!                                                                                                 

The progress of the kitchen!

18 February 2014

The weekend has arrived
giving us new hope! 

The snow is Melting and now our nerves have calmed!!

It has been one challenging week filled with Frost and Snow which has caused only a few problems!
The workers were able to lay down the foundation but now it needs to dry! In order for it to dry we need warmer temperatures! They have layed down some insulation over it to help the process. The entire build is under a time crunch! If this does not dry (it takes 4 days) there will be further delays!

The base of the house!

We were given wonderful news!
We have the date for the arrival of the house and everything is going as planned!! 

We have been told that the house will be erected: February 4, 2014!

The house will be delivered on several lorries through out the day and slowly placed together!!!
Similiar to giant Legos! 

Build a house in 12+ hours!

This is the day we have Pa-tiently been anticipating for 1 year! Well actually my entire life.

Our vision of constructing our little (cause it's small: 1,200 sq. ft.) charming house is finally underway!

The day - February 4, 2014
The Building Begins!

Side of the house being placed into position!

The day starts early and Tom has taken the day off to watch and document this extraordinary event!
First the 4 outer walls will be arranged in to place.
Then the inner walls will be set up in their designated spots.
Finally the roof will be raised!

Are you wondering how long this will take? You can see that the Sun has just risen and the entire process will be finished by the night! It's early AM and the second wall is almost secured into place!

Trucks carrying pieces of our house!

Here is 1 of the trucks delivering our house! Just like that the pieces of our house are on site. All they have to do is unpack the pieces, assemble it and then presto we have our house! Of course they have to go inside and finish the rest but a house will finally be standing on our property by the end of the day!

Assembling the sides!

It took a little manuvering and shifting but the outer walls fit perfectly together!

Placement of the inner walls.

Now all 4 sides are successfully set up! It's time to insert the inner walls! It's really beginning to look like a liveable accomodation! 

Raising the Roof!


The last section of the roof is being placed. The house will be completed after this block is set down by the cranes! As you can see it's dark again! It is now 8.00 pm and the house is finalized! We have 4 outer walls, all the inner walls in place and a sealed roof! All this occured TODAY!

What did you do today!

27 January 2014

The Arrival of Winter has caused Delays!

The changing weather is already causing delays!
It's snowing outside!
Winter has arrived in Denmark. This is not what our building site needs at this moment! 

Progress on our Plot - January 28, 2014

A view from the other side. - January 28, 2014
 It took awhile for winter to appear BUT it's here now!
And f course it's arrival had to occur right in the middle of building our Dream home!

I'm sitting up at school trying to Focus but my mind is scattered!!
I just got a SMS (text in American terms!) from Tom who just let me know that the house is not going to be delivered tomorrow!  The builders have to lay a foundation down that must dry for 4 days. How is that going to be done in the snowy weather?


So what does this mean? We get to wait on another date once again! I believe that we are now on
Plan M! My nerves can't handle this much longer!!! Just breath, look out the window at the pretty snow falling!

There is a meaning behind everything right?!

I just want to be home snuggling in my bed at the NEW HOUSE!!!

I'll be back with a new date for the construction of the house!!

Website for our house (but it's in Danish)
We have ordered a Balder 110 m2
You can see the pictures atleast!

This will be the outcome eventually! (Back of the house)


26 January 2014

Building a House

The Story of Obtaining our plot and Building our Dream House!

We started this process around Easter 2013.
We found a cheap plot in our area (a big plot)
We talked to our friends if they wanted to buy half!
They enthiusiastically said YES!
We endured a long buying proces and then an even longer papertrail process!
Proud owners of a plot - Spring 2013
We are now the proud owners of half of a plot!

What did we just do? I'm beginning to freak out about the sudden real world responsibility about being a home owner!
Theres a dilapidated house and garage on the lot!

Full of Green - Spring 2013

Summer 2013 - house is torn down and the lot is cleared of all the trees except one that will be in our backyard! Tom decided to keep the garage, they are expensive and its functioning!! Now I truly appreciate that decision!

Tearing down old house - Summer 2013

Cleared Plot - Summer 2013

Did I mention that this game of waiting is truly testing my patience!
We had to wait on so many different offices within the city to sort out our paperwork!

I can't even begin to describe them all!
We had to get permission to split the lot AND this was the bulk of the waiting time, a very lengthy process!
We had to get seperate deeds for the 2 plots before any building could even begin!

Now we are into the Fall of 2013! Will we be able to get a house built by the end of the year?
At first it looked like we, Dynah and Tom could! We were given dates of moving in at the end of December 2013. We were so excited! We were actually down in Greece, getting away from everything when we got the news but of course the good news could not last that long!
The bank papers were not in order as of yet, just a few minor details. The building company canceled all work due to these small details! There goes our JOY! They just took it right out from under our feet! I did not know what to do at this point! It's been one emotional roller coaster!

YES then NO!! We just had to wait for the deed papers to be finished so the bank loan could fall into place. All these concrete details had to be in order for the next step to take place. Everything is out of my Control. This shows me that Patience is the best virture but still not being able to have control over these processes leaves you feeling so Helpless. We have a Dream but this dream can not become my Reality until others decide upon it! How can life be created in such a fashion! If I want to follow my Dreams then I don't want someone else deciding upon them! The process of obtaining this house has been a gigantic, Evolving, undertaking for me!

This post is to try to explain all the procedures we had to encounter in order to finally begin the building aspect of this house!  After the cancelation of the work, we stood on standby for a very long time! Finally January 2014 things began to move again! We were given dates once again!

January 13 - Building would occur!
January 28 - House will be delivered and assembled!
Febuary 21 - Move in date!

Our little garage! December 2013

Building starting on both plots on the same day! January 2014

Things are occuring like a fast forward button! Suddenly Reality is sitting on my doorstep and I'm in a Daze packing our little house wondering how 3 people can have so much Shit! Every weekend has now been concentrated on packing! Luckily we have that garage because slowly we have been moving stuff in! That's why that garage is very valuable as of now! The next quest is to PURGE, Simplify our Life! I have been wanting to begin this process for a long time! Now I have every reason to begin! This endeavour is a completly new post!

But will the building continues on schedule?
The next question is - Will they be able to deliver the house on Tuesday????
We are all awaiting anxiously to see the outcome!

28 July 2013

Art of Communication

I love the spontaneity of conversation between 2 strangers!

I made a mistake and somehow showed up the wrong day for a dentist appointment!
I rode my bike only 6km (3.7miles) in the Danish heat, which we are not used to! Yes I'm from Texas and should be accustomed to HEAT but when you only get about 2 months worth of HOT upper 70's then you begin to think that 80 degrees is HOT! So here I stood by my bike looking down Amagerbrogade, a street filled with lots of shops! I had a few hours to waste before I had to play momma-role! What to do with myself, unplanned me time! This could get exciting!

I decided that I earned an ice-cream! I knew of a shop a little further down the street, so I walked the bike and took in the sights! I ordered 2 scoops: 1 with mint chocolate chip and the other chocolate! Yes I'm a CHOC-aholic! I went outside, found a chair and then the magical universe presented a stranger to me!
There was a guy sitting in the chair next to me with a motorcycle helmet on, who made an effort to examine my yellow cap. Literally leaned way over to see what brand it was. He did not recognize it so I told him it was "Life is Good" and this opened up for a conversation that I could never have been prepared for.

He (Jesper) replied "Yes it is" referring to Life is Good.  The conversation covered many areas, where are you from, the wonderful Danish summer, the heat in Texas, age and then suddenly he threw an OH MY my way.  He preceded to tell me "I was diagnosed with MS at 25 and I have brain damage" "I'm think I'm gonna die soon" Ummmm - how do you reply to that? My instinct knew that something was different about him but I love different and was open to this conversation!  He kept telling me about living to 300 but just not physically, I could not follow this thought process of his but just nodded politely! He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted a girlfriend and had not had one since 2001 (He knew I was married) told me bits about his last girlfriend. And that he believes his future wife is in Afghanistan!
I was a little blown away by all this information he was telling me but at the same time throwing out my own wisdom! He was very sweet and keep telling me he was doing everything to be a nice guy! I would hate to meet him when he was not!

Think About: That person reaching out for conversation could change your daily perspective!

02 May 2013

The Biggest Project of My Life (BPOML)

I've always wanted to get married. I've always wanted to be a Mother!
And of course I always imagined that Magical home to raise my Creative Child in! And she is a very curious, enchanting child! So I'm just missing the dream house!!
Funny-Faced Child!
She decided that it was necessary to color her face with markers because she wants to be star in the sky not a hollywood star! (as she did today as I left the room) What was I thinking leaving the 3.5 year old alone with markers! We have bug boxes, many of them stationed around the house always full of living creatures! We also have a tin can full of flowers that she collects daily!

Pixie Hollow play area!
We have Pixie Hollow in the backyard where she plays fairies! And then there is the firepit where we sit around and hold special conversations. The last time we had a fire Junebug told me that she wanted to come back as a light fairy in her next life. There are very special memories made in a home. I have awe-inspiring ideas of how I want to create this home! So now our family has grown to capacity in this little rowhouse.

Moving into #28
Tom and I have been house hunting,  patiently dreaming, contemplated of moving back to the USA, we exhausted all our Danish possibilities! We just can't afford anything in our area and we knew that we did not want an old house! So I accepted this fate of living in a rowhouse area! It was not my dream but it was duable. We have managed to do so for 5 years and even moved into a bigger one when June was 6 weeks old! But the thing is we don't utilize the 3 floors very well! When you are upstairs you feel all alone and we are a family and should be establishing family traditions not isolating ourselves from one another! Tom and I agree on an open floor plan where the kitchen is the heart and everyone can be seen from this viewpoint! June will have a creative corner and a reading nook! Right now our litttle den is a multi functional room! Playarea, den and eating area! I feel confined, crowded in my own living space! I have been reading how to declutter your life, how to organize small spaces BUT there is only one solution! MOVE to a real house and dispose, relinquish of all this clutter! When I write that it just sounds so refreshing! I've tried so many solutions and find the process so overwhelming as I'm the only one in the household trying to change old habits! I could not just give up this dream of a house for the family. That was the full dream and it must be accomplished! I followed my heart to Denmark now I need to fullfill the dream house! The whole point of this post is for me to tell you that the DreamHouse is on the way! The story of how we acquired an affordable plot on Amager, Denmark is about to unfold! I just hope someone will follow this journey with me - The Biggest Project of My Life!
The playarea / den! 

01 May 2013

2 years absent!

My excuse for not blogging! 

I almost forgot where this blog was! I almost forgot how much was actually written! I almost forgot that I enjoy writing! But I'm still stuck in this blog dilemma, why? Who will read? It takes time to write and you if do not have an audience then what is the point! But I read so many other blogs and think, I want to do that! I have a friend who writes a wonderful blog and her journey has sparked this blog interest again! She said she would even read mine! But I need a bigger audience than just 1 reader! I'm undergoing change and have the desire to document this journey. So I think I'm going to take the plunge again and begin! Who is reading me??