21 July 2010

Discovering your own Backyard!

I moved countries - I could use that for an excuse but that was 4 years ago!
I have a small baby - but she is not going anywhere!
It's just simple motivation to get out the door and discover what is around the corner.
I have discovered (have known) that there is a decent forest adjacent to the nature reserve practically in our backyard. I have found a wonderful route via forest, meandering thru the lush tree scape and eventually leading me to a very unique swimming hole along the oceans edge! I enjoy doing this route early in the AM while baby is taking morning nap and husband is slowly waking up!  The simple pleasure of spinning, swooshing at the overlying plants hanging on the path, wiping my legs, looking far ahead, anticipating the lean of the next turn, the dirt flying about, the feeling of just being ALIVE! I'm finding my way again. Thanks Nature!

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