26 March 2006

Nat Film Festival

By April 2, Tom and I will have seen 11 intense, mind bending, foreign cinematography flicks. The annual Nat Film festival is playing in town right now and we decided to go big! We are seeing a total of 11 movies in about 9 days! Some days we double up on movies. At this point we have seen a Japenese movie about the craze of manga (cartoon characters) and how fanatics are so deeply involved in this lifestyle. It was a very interesting movie. Otakus in Love was the name of the flick and so far our favorite. Then we had to see a movie directed by a Hungarian artist, because that is where the moment of truth was discovered for Tom and I! (Hungary) But that was not the best choice! The film started at midnight and moved rather slowly! It was about 4 young guys working as chimmney sweepers, bored, trying to devise ways to make more money. So they bet on cock fights and of course lost their money, then somehow got mixed up with a guy who sold hash from a goat that ate hash plants. A little bizarre and quite a grotesque scene when they had to kill the goat and look in its stomach for the winning lottery ticket...... The creative mind of a film maker! We have also seen a Mexican flick taking place in Mexico City, Iranian film taking place entirely on a deserted ship, a Canadian independent film with beautiful scenary and an intense movie taking place in Hong Kong. So far the films have all been unique, interesting plots with unexpected twists. I do prefer to see foreign films, it gives you a perspective on other cultures, daily life and the sufferage of women that still exist! We still have a few more days of films, take a break today, which will be nice and back at it Wednesday 29

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dinah, you definetly have too much time on your hands. so how is danish class coming.