17 April 2006

Møns Klint

We have been on easter holiday for a week. Theoretically Tom has been on holiday and just an extension for me, as every day feels like a holiday. We took a drive southward from København, 1.5 hours, and ended up on this gorgeous, wooded, with an ocean view island! It is described as the most beautiful island of Denmark. I enjoyed the area thourougly, for we plan to go back in the summer when it is warmer and more events are going on in the nearby town of Stege, the biggest village on the island. I feel in love with this village! Tom and I have even contemplated of buying a house in the area. The island offers everything, a town in which the size is just right, not too big but then not too small! The size is similiar to Golden, CO which has become the perfect size for me. The island has deep wooded areas with hiking paths, bird sanctuaries, a nature preserve, wonderful little country roads to ride a road bike along and then plenty of water sports! One area of the island is well known for its cliffs, for they are majestic, rugged chalk formations sloping 130 metres towards the turquoise greeen Baltic. Check it out yourself! http://www.moen-touristbureau.dk/english/monsklint.html
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday!!

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