01 March 2007

Firework Bandit Part 2

WoW!!What a remarkable sky line! I have never been in the midst of quite a chaotic firing of fireworks. It all started at a friends small, cozy house. The clock was getting closer to striking a new year. The buzz of fireworks began increasing! We decided to get our coats on, head outside to the parking lot for the unit of houses. As we walked we stumbled upon used firworks littered all over the trail, then suddenly we walked into the firing zone!! At the end of the trail the parking lot opened up and dozens of people, kids, dogs, fireworks beginning to buzz right above us! I ducked, cringed and ran across to a safe zone quickly. People yelling Godtnytår, passing champange around and cookies, hugging! And then the kids took peoples cigarettes and lit thier fireworks. In this small area we stood while fireworks launched from every angle of the parking lot. We had a 360 degree view in which you could view more and more fireworks coming from all over the city. It was a bit overwhelming, especially when you had to keep your eyes open for the launching around you just in case something went wrong! A few times some sparks hit the crowd too early, or an explosion went off to early! Everyone was fine and firing resumed quickly! I enjoyed the atmosphere as all the neighbors came out and greeted one another. It was very cozy (as Danes love using this word - hyggeligt) This display of fireworks lasted 1 hour! Do you realize how much money just exploded in the night sky??

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