01 March 2007

Morning Commute!

My mornings begin like this:
Wake up! I have been having very lucid dreams lately, lots of water in them! Who knows about dreams? What does that mean? The world is going to flood, yes I know! It is still dark out once I wake around 6:30am and then still dark once I leave the house at 8:00am. Coffee! Stretch! Turn the lights on and wake up the husband!

My point is that I wish to share the morning commute on bike. This is the aspect of the morning that I find actually very relaxing! I am not behind the wheel of a car but rather I am propelling myself on two wheels. I go to basement, put my bike lights on for it is a law along with safe cruising. All this occurs about 8ish, so imagine it still being very dark at this hour of the morning! You begin wondering why you are leaving the house so early when in actuality I am usually running late! I make sure everything is zipped tight, gloves on..... Proceed to open the door towards the blistery cold, well not really but it is cold to the unwoken mind! The journey begins............I go thru the side streets to get to Amagerborgade (yes all the street names in DK land are this long!!) the main street and this is where the wave of cyclists begin. I wait at the bike light making sure it is clear, hop upon our own lane unobstructed by the Filth of Cars! I cruise at a steady pace but you have to be aware of all your actions! There is such a thing as a fast and slow lane on the bike path, if you stay in the fast lane too long you piss off others. You will get Dinged at, the ringing of the bike bell! I have never enjoyed using a bike bell as much as now!! And if only I could truly describe the amount of people on bikes, it entertains my brain each and every morning! I look about noticing the different type of folk on bikes, notice the swarm of bikers from all directions as we are all trying to get to our destination. So as I bike further into the city this is where the real bike Jams begin! The cyclists also have to follow the basic rule of stopping at lights not only lights but the bike lights which are seperate from the car lights! We are a very special breed here! So here while waiting at my bike light is where I look inward and begin to think more about my foreign journey in DK land! I would say a cluster of about 30 cyclist are waiting for the light to turn green! And once the light changes it is a mad dash to get to the front, some people are a bit more aggresive than others. Depending on my mood or how late I am relates my position in this pack because I know that I can blow most of them out of their saddles if I really wanted too!! Or I will just sit back and enjoy the infusion of massive bikes intertwining wondering where the hell are you going?? But the joy of this ride every morning on my way to Danish lessons is that I am able to have a bit of physical exercise,fresh air, entertainment and introspection into the vast difference of cultures! You would never see this in America! That is why I write this to you trying to explain a typical Danish morning commute!!


Anonymous said...

Captures the imagination!c~

Chelsea said...

please show us a picture of this amazement!

Anonymous said...

Is it a sea of sock hats bobbing up and down? Have you received a letter yet?