10 January 2010


Maybe it's a bit of New Mommy Brain (is there such a thing) of course there is!!
I came out of the frisør (hair salon) and suddenly had a moment of panic - Where is my bicycle!!??
Don't worry about the baby or anything else predominant Dynah - it's your precious bikes that provoke  immediate hysteria!!  

No need to analyze the dreams about losing your baby! (that is a completely different post!)

I scouted the area instantly and had no memory of leaving my bike nearby! I distinctly remember riding my bicycle to the center but here I stood outside, with a lovely new haircut, in the frigid cold with no expeditious memory of where I parked my bike.  I don't recall how long it took until the bells chimed resulting in a clang and a bong inside my head!  Out of habit I had parked it on the other side of the center! 

So continued my way (oh and baby is being looked after by grandma) so no need to fret about misplacing the baby (in reality as of yet!).  Headed over to SuperBest to do" my daily shopping but again ran into this continual problem of forgetting!!  I mentally read the list off: milk, rugbrød and swim diapers! Once you begin shopping there are always other items that hop into the basket!  (can someone explain this phenomenon) I kept saying to myself "remember the swim diapers"! So found the essentials and MORE (oreos) and then stood in the aisle drawing a blank once again -- What am I missing???  Strolled further thru the aisles, gazing at random food items then suddenly looked up and saw the diapers at a distant then it all made sense! Glanced the area looking for any good deals and then found the swim diapers but they only had LARGE, June is not that big yet! No small ones 5-8kg. We were due to go swimming in 1 hour and mommy can't find any diapers (panic mode again) NO! I headed to the checkout aisle and asked them if they had small and the lady told me that they should have them by summer as it was a summer item!!?? You are telling me that the Danes only use the indoor swimming pools in the summer?? Not much I could do but ask at the pool if we could borrow one! Play the confused english speaking resident..... works sometimes! 

So now it's time to find my bike again! No panicking this time except when it was time to find the keys....... Suddenly I remembered that I had given them to Ulla (grandma) so she could get back into our house! My bike key was on the keychain! Now I have a heavy bag and no bike to haul it back on! 

This little adventure to the local center was turning out to be a lot more trouble then I bargained for! So it looks like I get to fling this heavy bag of groceries over my shoulder and walk home (about 1.2km) Amid all this confusion my blood sugar had dropped and I could feel the shaking begin. I started digging thru the bag to find something to eat and found the bag of banana chips.  This would of been the healthy version but as I took my first steps away from the center with bag in hand that is when the sight and smell lured me!  There was a wonderful solution to this dilemma, a Danish hotdog stand! This would make my walk home all worth it with a warm hotdog in hand!

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