02 September 2009

Clutter-less Life

Is it really possible to relinquish ourselves from the clutter that builds up within our lives, in our houses?

When I moved to Denmark, I had about 20 boxes of stuff, a guitar and 2 bikes! I had to clear a small apartment out quickly and I can recall how hard it was to give up all that stuff! And now I don't even remember what that stuff was!!

Again I am in a position where I need to undergo a major clutterness release! With the baby arriving soon, I look about the house and wonder when will we ever use such a device, when will I read that, when will I wear that..... It's time to visit the Redcross bins and start clearing out the old and making room for the new life presenting itself shortly!

We have these wonderful ideas for our Artistic Expressions and collect the material but the output has stopped! Its just sitting on shelves with no order, I can't find anything in that unbalanced, expressive moment.... I want to create those cards simply, those scrapbook pages swiftly.

I have 6 weeks left but I don't want to create huge obligations which I can not fulfill. Notice the annoyances and fix them first and then slowly attain the rest within time.....

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