02 May 2013

The Biggest Project of My Life (BPOML)

I've always wanted to get married. I've always wanted to be a Mother!
And of course I always imagined that Magical home to raise my Creative Child in! And she is a very curious, enchanting child! So I'm just missing the dream house!!
Funny-Faced Child!
She decided that it was necessary to color her face with markers because she wants to be star in the sky not a hollywood star! (as she did today as I left the room) What was I thinking leaving the 3.5 year old alone with markers! We have bug boxes, many of them stationed around the house always full of living creatures! We also have a tin can full of flowers that she collects daily!

Pixie Hollow play area!
We have Pixie Hollow in the backyard where she plays fairies! And then there is the firepit where we sit around and hold special conversations. The last time we had a fire Junebug told me that she wanted to come back as a light fairy in her next life. There are very special memories made in a home. I have awe-inspiring ideas of how I want to create this home! So now our family has grown to capacity in this little rowhouse.

Moving into #28
Tom and I have been house hunting,  patiently dreaming, contemplated of moving back to the USA, we exhausted all our Danish possibilities! We just can't afford anything in our area and we knew that we did not want an old house! So I accepted this fate of living in a rowhouse area! It was not my dream but it was duable. We have managed to do so for 5 years and even moved into a bigger one when June was 6 weeks old! But the thing is we don't utilize the 3 floors very well! When you are upstairs you feel all alone and we are a family and should be establishing family traditions not isolating ourselves from one another! Tom and I agree on an open floor plan where the kitchen is the heart and everyone can be seen from this viewpoint! June will have a creative corner and a reading nook! Right now our litttle den is a multi functional room! Playarea, den and eating area! I feel confined, crowded in my own living space! I have been reading how to declutter your life, how to organize small spaces BUT there is only one solution! MOVE to a real house and dispose, relinquish of all this clutter! When I write that it just sounds so refreshing! I've tried so many solutions and find the process so overwhelming as I'm the only one in the household trying to change old habits! I could not just give up this dream of a house for the family. That was the full dream and it must be accomplished! I followed my heart to Denmark now I need to fullfill the dream house! The whole point of this post is for me to tell you that the DreamHouse is on the way! The story of how we acquired an affordable plot on Amager, Denmark is about to unfold! I just hope someone will follow this journey with me - The Biggest Project of My Life!
The playarea / den! 


chelsea said...

excited for more details on your BPOML (is it pronounced "bepommal?") ha! excited for you and to watch the progress of your dream home with your great family

D Cadreau said...

YAY! Now that I'm reading this in August I hope that you are coming along with the house. Can't wait to find out what's next!