28 July 2013

Art of Communication

I love the spontaneity of conversation between 2 strangers!

I made a mistake and somehow showed up the wrong day for a dentist appointment!
I rode my bike only 6km (3.7miles) in the Danish heat, which we are not used to! Yes I'm from Texas and should be accustomed to HEAT but when you only get about 2 months worth of HOT upper 70's then you begin to think that 80 degrees is HOT! So here I stood by my bike looking down Amagerbrogade, a street filled with lots of shops! I had a few hours to waste before I had to play momma-role! What to do with myself, unplanned me time! This could get exciting!

I decided that I earned an ice-cream! I knew of a shop a little further down the street, so I walked the bike and took in the sights! I ordered 2 scoops: 1 with mint chocolate chip and the other chocolate! Yes I'm a CHOC-aholic! I went outside, found a chair and then the magical universe presented a stranger to me!
There was a guy sitting in the chair next to me with a motorcycle helmet on, who made an effort to examine my yellow cap. Literally leaned way over to see what brand it was. He did not recognize it so I told him it was "Life is Good" and this opened up for a conversation that I could never have been prepared for.

He (Jesper) replied "Yes it is" referring to Life is Good.  The conversation covered many areas, where are you from, the wonderful Danish summer, the heat in Texas, age and then suddenly he threw an OH MY my way.  He preceded to tell me "I was diagnosed with MS at 25 and I have brain damage" "I'm think I'm gonna die soon" Ummmm - how do you reply to that? My instinct knew that something was different about him but I love different and was open to this conversation!  He kept telling me about living to 300 but just not physically, I could not follow this thought process of his but just nodded politely! He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted a girlfriend and had not had one since 2001 (He knew I was married) told me bits about his last girlfriend. And that he believes his future wife is in Afghanistan!
I was a little blown away by all this information he was telling me but at the same time throwing out my own wisdom! He was very sweet and keep telling me he was doing everything to be a nice guy! I would hate to meet him when he was not!

Think About: That person reaching out for conversation could change your daily perspective!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog entry, Dynah. For many years I have thought about how often "random" events have an influence on our lives, like this one you wrote about. Mike G in Houston

chelsea said...

wow! quite the conversation but glad he had someone to share some of his thoughts with. and you got delicious ice cream out of the deal too!