21 February 2014

1 week until our Move!!!

The reality of the move is hanging over our heads like a grey cloud on a misty day!

My vision is constantly filled with piles of clutter or rubbish. Nope it's just boxes stacked higher than me. I'm feeling imprisoned within my own house. Trapped in a never ending labyrinth of my own belongings.  My mind is functioning in a jungle of complexities, trying to find one simple corner of order! 

It's time to invest in paper cups and plates and pack the kitchen! It's time to pull out the suitcases and pack them for a 14 day journey to the new house! We will be living out of them until order is achieved over there! The everyday comfort items are slowly vanishing. The clock in the hallway is already gone and I keep looking at the blank spot on the wall only to be further left in a void.

The list-to-do is never ending! I must rally my inner self and invigorate the motivation to complete this project of packing a house! I need to find a babysitter for June on Saturday so I can pack her room! What corner of the house do I even begin? I feel like I'm sitting on the amusement park ride, Tilt-a-cup, whirling in a complex web of perplexity! So many decisions that my head will soon Detonate, shattering to pieces of information burdens!!

While my everyday is overloaded with packing concerns the other house is making headway!! Details are being smoothed over each and every day!! The tiled floors in the bathrooms are finished and the woooden floors are almost layed down.  The kitchen island is in place, the cabinets have handles. The house is becomming home-like! I'm going to visit the site today, absorb the sprightliness and place that zest deep within my Heart. I believe that this will help me finalize and accomplish the last portions of packing our row-house of 4 years! 

Our Soon to be Home!                                                                                                 

The progress of the kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Exciting time! Mike G

Barbi Mata said...

Breathe!!! everything will get taken care of in due time. You can do it!

chelsea @ the new wifestyle said...

wooohoo! this is so exciting (and i'm sure so overwhelming i cannot even imagine) but imagine the outcome and the hard work you've poured into it. it will all be SO worth it!