18 February 2014

The weekend has arrived
giving us new hope! 

The snow is Melting and now our nerves have calmed!!

It has been one challenging week filled with Frost and Snow which has caused only a few problems!
The workers were able to lay down the foundation but now it needs to dry! In order for it to dry we need warmer temperatures! They have layed down some insulation over it to help the process. The entire build is under a time crunch! If this does not dry (it takes 4 days) there will be further delays!

The base of the house!

We were given wonderful news!
We have the date for the arrival of the house and everything is going as planned!! 

We have been told that the house will be erected: February 4, 2014!

The house will be delivered on several lorries through out the day and slowly placed together!!!
Similiar to giant Legos! 

1 comment:

Julie O said...

I hope this works this time!!! How fun it is to see all the progress being made!! Are you less stressed and more excited now?? I hope so!!
I am so happy for all of you!!! I can't wait to see the finished product, although no where near as you all are!!!!

I had mentioned earlier about the possibility of a summer trip!! I just wasn't sure how it would work for you just moving in and getting settled for awhile before company. I totally understand that!! There is always the following summer!!! I can't wait to see the finished house!!!