24 June 2008

The long month of June

June has been one long month of suffering for me! I can give you some details but they deal with the anatomy of a woman! First I was having a very abnormal menstual cycle, so I went into the doctor 10th of June or so and she told me that I had an infection in one of my ovaries, gave me some medicine and told me to come back after antibiotics were done (14 days or so)

The problems insisted along with the pain and I really began thinking that something was not right! Thursday I was sent home from work due to intense pain. I tried to get into the doctor but they told me to call Friday AM and talk with her! So I endured another night of pain, and during all this Tom was away in Greenland! I was not sure what to do but found out I should of come up to the doctors anyway. Who knew!

The next day went from bad to worse!

9AM - Called doctor
9:15 - Meet with doctor
9:45 - Doctor made decision that something more serious was occuring and immediately called ambulance to get me and take
me to hospital! (So here I am sitting in her office already nervous, thinking OK I am alone now and about to head off to a DANISH hospital, what is going to happen.....) The mind runs, especially in a foreign country!
10:30 - I get dropped off at hospital - Alone! I am able to get ahold of Tom via phone and tell him what is going on, he contacts other family in town
11:30 - Mother-in-law shows up at the hospital, Thank goodness!
12:00 - Meet with doctors and get examined, pokked, prodded.....

So finally comes the diagnoses: Dinah has a tubular pregnancy in the right fallopian tube, NOT GOOD! This is also known as an ectopic pregnancy. The symptoms are painful! It is a dangerous thing if not treated quickly because at any moment a rupture can occur and this is more serious. So the decision is that sugery is needed immediately. By this time I have had the symptoms for about 2 weeks. Everything happened so quickly but doctors reassured me along the way while my mother in law held my hand during numerous moments!

5PM - Dinah goes in for surgery
7PM - Recovery room
8PM - Taking to my room for the night and FINALLY reunited with Tom and how glad we are to see one another!

Results of the surgery went really well! No ruptures occured and all the vital organs for producing kids are still intact! That is the greatest news out of this along with Dinah finally being cured! Have a few stiches in my abdomen, taken out next week and a blood test next week at the hospital to monitor hormone levels making sure everything is going back to normal! WOW what a day along with a month it has been!

And now doing well, slowyly recovering, relieved that the problem was finally correctly diagnosed, and home while Tom takes care of me!
The Dansih system is excellent and on top of all this left the hospital with no BILLS! All of this was FREE!

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