24 June 2008

Stages of a Day!

So what does one do in order to entertain their brain while they are in the midst of recovering? This is the answer to the question that I am searching for at these moments....

I can get up and walk back and forth from the front door to the back door and move my legs in order to get some fashion of exercise but the lenght is rather short. I can dabble on the computer for only so long feeling productive. There is never anything decent on Danish TV so forget the idea of wasting away before the tube! It is a little irritating to play on the Wii since you have to move about and my body is not ready for that sort of activity which sucks because I love playing video games. But have been able to immerse in video world in small intervals! It is difficult calling those on the other side of the pond due to time differences. The world is slanted at unusual angles at this point in the season and we have lots of daylight, causing me to have abnormal sleeping patterns, so I guess I could ring friends up when it is early AM
over here, translating to only a late night over yonder! So who wants a 10,11,12 PM phone call?? Reading has entertained me plenty but the joys of the book is about to be over and it is a wonderful sea adventure and am not fully ready to let this stimulating feat withdrawl from my imagination! So if anyone can send a book that will capture the imagination then PLEASE go ahead and take action!

I gaze out the window, mesmorized by the constant drift of clouds, shaping and curving as the wind cuts them into spectacular designs, releasing them in their own direction. Often I feel like one of these clouds, not being able to hold any shape of distinction for long and floating about in a blue abyss. After a human being has a traumatic experience it usually leads to meaningful thoughts. I am in the position of having alot of time on my hands and the thinking creeps, sneaks, slips past my conscious and fabricates various delusions to life.

I just want to find some meaning to my purpose on this side of the pond. I rummage thru the possibilites of many new career options. But there comes a point when the individual must face the realities and take action. You can only sit in the dreaming phase for so long. So as I sit here in my recovery mode, I release the Energi to the universe, and hope that portions of my new beginnings will begin to present themself.

So now I have the time to write rambles out to the vast Universe and hoping that someone will enjoy it!!

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