26 January 2014

Building a House

The Story of Obtaining our plot and Building our Dream House!

We started this process around Easter 2013.
We found a cheap plot in our area (a big plot)
We talked to our friends if they wanted to buy half!
They enthiusiastically said YES!
We endured a long buying proces and then an even longer papertrail process!
Proud owners of a plot - Spring 2013
We are now the proud owners of half of a plot!

What did we just do? I'm beginning to freak out about the sudden real world responsibility about being a home owner!
Theres a dilapidated house and garage on the lot!

Full of Green - Spring 2013

Summer 2013 - house is torn down and the lot is cleared of all the trees except one that will be in our backyard! Tom decided to keep the garage, they are expensive and its functioning!! Now I truly appreciate that decision!

Tearing down old house - Summer 2013

Cleared Plot - Summer 2013

Did I mention that this game of waiting is truly testing my patience!
We had to wait on so many different offices within the city to sort out our paperwork!

I can't even begin to describe them all!
We had to get permission to split the lot AND this was the bulk of the waiting time, a very lengthy process!
We had to get seperate deeds for the 2 plots before any building could even begin!

Now we are into the Fall of 2013! Will we be able to get a house built by the end of the year?
At first it looked like we, Dynah and Tom could! We were given dates of moving in at the end of December 2013. We were so excited! We were actually down in Greece, getting away from everything when we got the news but of course the good news could not last that long!
The bank papers were not in order as of yet, just a few minor details. The building company canceled all work due to these small details! There goes our JOY! They just took it right out from under our feet! I did not know what to do at this point! It's been one emotional roller coaster!

YES then NO!! We just had to wait for the deed papers to be finished so the bank loan could fall into place. All these concrete details had to be in order for the next step to take place. Everything is out of my Control. This shows me that Patience is the best virture but still not being able to have control over these processes leaves you feeling so Helpless. We have a Dream but this dream can not become my Reality until others decide upon it! How can life be created in such a fashion! If I want to follow my Dreams then I don't want someone else deciding upon them! The process of obtaining this house has been a gigantic, Evolving, undertaking for me!

This post is to try to explain all the procedures we had to encounter in order to finally begin the building aspect of this house!  After the cancelation of the work, we stood on standby for a very long time! Finally January 2014 things began to move again! We were given dates once again!

January 13 - Building would occur!
January 28 - House will be delivered and assembled!
Febuary 21 - Move in date!

Our little garage! December 2013

Building starting on both plots on the same day! January 2014

Things are occuring like a fast forward button! Suddenly Reality is sitting on my doorstep and I'm in a Daze packing our little house wondering how 3 people can have so much Shit! Every weekend has now been concentrated on packing! Luckily we have that garage because slowly we have been moving stuff in! That's why that garage is very valuable as of now! The next quest is to PURGE, Simplify our Life! I have been wanting to begin this process for a long time! Now I have every reason to begin! This endeavour is a completly new post!

But will the building continues on schedule?
The next question is - Will they be able to deliver the house on Tuesday????
We are all awaiting anxiously to see the outcome!

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