27 January 2014

The Arrival of Winter has caused Delays!

The changing weather is already causing delays!
It's snowing outside!
Winter has arrived in Denmark. This is not what our building site needs at this moment! 

Progress on our Plot - January 28, 2014

A view from the other side. - January 28, 2014
 It took awhile for winter to appear BUT it's here now!
And f course it's arrival had to occur right in the middle of building our Dream home!

I'm sitting up at school trying to Focus but my mind is scattered!!
I just got a SMS (text in American terms!) from Tom who just let me know that the house is not going to be delivered tomorrow!  The builders have to lay a foundation down that must dry for 4 days. How is that going to be done in the snowy weather?


So what does this mean? We get to wait on another date once again! I believe that we are now on
Plan M! My nerves can't handle this much longer!!! Just breath, look out the window at the pretty snow falling!

There is a meaning behind everything right?!

I just want to be home snuggling in my bed at the NEW HOUSE!!!

I'll be back with a new date for the construction of the house!!

Website for our house (but it's in Danish)
We have ordered a Balder 110 m2
You can see the pictures atleast!

This will be the outcome eventually! (Back of the house)


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chelsea @ the new wifestyle said...

boooo winter causing delays but yay on the fact that you are making your dreams come true! also LOVE the photo of your future home-it's going to be so amazing and SO worth the wait!