18 February 2014

Build a house in 12+ hours!

This is the day we have Pa-tiently been anticipating for 1 year! Well actually my entire life.

Our vision of constructing our little (cause it's small: 1,200 sq. ft.) charming house is finally underway!

The day - February 4, 2014
The Building Begins!

Side of the house being placed into position!

The day starts early and Tom has taken the day off to watch and document this extraordinary event!
First the 4 outer walls will be arranged in to place.
Then the inner walls will be set up in their designated spots.
Finally the roof will be raised!

Are you wondering how long this will take? You can see that the Sun has just risen and the entire process will be finished by the night! It's early AM and the second wall is almost secured into place!

Trucks carrying pieces of our house!

Here is 1 of the trucks delivering our house! Just like that the pieces of our house are on site. All they have to do is unpack the pieces, assemble it and then presto we have our house! Of course they have to go inside and finish the rest but a house will finally be standing on our property by the end of the day!

Assembling the sides!

It took a little manuvering and shifting but the outer walls fit perfectly together!

Placement of the inner walls.

Now all 4 sides are successfully set up! It's time to insert the inner walls! It's really beginning to look like a liveable accomodation! 

Raising the Roof!


The last section of the roof is being placed. The house will be completed after this block is set down by the cranes! As you can see it's dark again! It is now 8.00 pm and the house is finalized! We have 4 outer walls, all the inner walls in place and a sealed roof! All this occured TODAY!

What did you do today!


Barbi Mata said...

Your Lego house went up super fast! Where's my room?

Dinah Sherrill said...

Your room will be over at the neighbors! Tonny and Berit!

chelsea @ the new wifestyle said...

that's so awesome!!!! and way cool that they can put it together in 12 hours!!!! yay progress :)